Spheres of non-financial statement


The group is represented in more than 45 countries, with key markets being Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Poland. The strategic plan focuses on expanding the presence in the region.

The Group’s sales revenues increased by BGN 164,5 million or 11.4%, reaching BGN 1 603,5 million in 2021 compared to BGN 1 438,8 million in 2020.

Sales of goods increased by BGN 159,5 million or 13.6%, reaching BGN 1 328,4 million in 2021 compared to BGN 1 168,9 million in 2020.

Sales of finished products increased by BGN 5 million or 1.8%, to BGN 275,1 million in 2021 compared to BGN 270 million in 2020.


Sopharma Group companies treat their employees as their most valuable asset and work towards employer branding. As a responsible employer, the Group follows labor relation principles that are a way to achieve a parnership with employees and sustainable development:

  • Zero tolerance to any kind of discrimination at the workplace;
  • Provision of healthy and safe working conditions;
  • Providing opportunities for development based on gender and age equality;
  • Provision of a right of affiliation and labor protection of the employees.

The Group encourages employees to be continuously trained by giving them a variety of opportunities: trainings, conferences and seminars to increase employee competence.

In the process of realization are new electronic platforms for training and professional development of the employees in the companies of the Group are in the process of implementation, which can be accessed at any time from their office devices.

Investments in learning foreign languages during working hours.

All compulsory trainings and refresher courses are conducted according to the legislation for a certain type of qualification for the qualitative and safe fulfillment of the official duties.

Employees are entitled to the additional remuneration required by applicable law on overtime, night shifts and work on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Employees who work under specific, harmful or dangerous conditions receive personal protective equipment and allowances.

Sopharma Group’s companies implement different employee-targeted policies, depending on the topics that are relevant to the employees of the particular company, which differ due to the specifics of the country in which they operate and the business activities of the companies.


  • Sopharma Group maintains and observes its commitments in compliance with the national legislation in the sphere of the preservation of the environment. The company applies measures to:
  • waste Management: separate collection of waste, minimization, recovery and recycling of production and household waste;
  • providing appropriate personnel training on environmental and pollution prevention issues;
  • responsibly fulfills the imperative requirements of the Council of Ministers Decree 137 and the Packaging and Waste Ordinance;
  • Measurement of the annual emissions of waste gases in the atmospheric air the Phytochemical Plant and the Plant for Solid Drug Form;
  • monthly measurement by competent employees of Sofia Water of the emissions in wastewater at the production sites A and B;
  • transfer of production waste to licensed recycling companies;
  • fulfilment of the conditions of the Discharge Permit;
  • maintaining contractual relations with companies for separate collection and recovery of waste;
  • Annual measurement of waste gas emissions into the atmosphere;
  • Monthly measurement of emissions into wastewater at production sites A and B of Sofia Water;
  • Investments in the creation of "smart" buildings, facilities for renewable energy sources;
  • Zero pollution of wastewater and the atmosphere, through the use of water film, instead of organic substances for filming the tablets in the production in the company’s plants;
  • Measurement of the annual emissions of waste gases in the atmospheric air from the Phytochemical Plant and the Factory for Dosage Forms;
  • Emissions of waste gases are less than 50 tons per year, which according to the standards tends to 0.

"Sopharma Trading" AD maintains a certified Environmental Management System according to the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015.

In parallel with the statutory and certified environmental protection measures, employees from different Group companies are involved in environmental projects, such as planting trees on Earth Day; World Environment Day projects 5 June.

The offices of companies are located in "smart" buildings, such as Sopharma Warsaw, which is housed in a business center with The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, with energy saving systems, rainwater use, roofing of bees and Sopharma’s office at Sopharma Business Towers, Sofia, whose lifts produce electricity, and the façade is designed to allow a maximum amount of daylight. Employees in the Towers also enjoy the green roof, the "smart" heating/cooling control and the light in the buildings.


The companies in Sopharma Group are committed to society, and in order to achieve maximum impact, various projects are implemented together with partner organizations and other companies.

The Group monitors the following risks that are identified as significant and potentially affecting its activities:

  • Associated with the Group’s business and the industry in which the Group operates;
  • COVID 19 — Actions taken by the Group’s management to limit the negative effects of the pandemic events;
  • Developed a business continuity program that includes, but is not limited to:
    • Crisis team, that transmits timely and correct information between our key partners, maintains the trust of stakeholders and informs customer groups in case of critical information about them.
    • Organizing a team with a focus on the state of the supply chain and risk management.
    • Management of operating capital and implementation of business plans.
    • We have taken the strictest measures to protect the health of our team and the teams of our partners.
    • Regular disinfection of offices, work premises, warehouses, as well as delivery vehicles.
    • Risks associated with the markets in which the Group operates;
    • Risks related to foreign exchange rates and the currency board in force in Bulgaria;
    • Currency risk.

The main risks faced by the Group are presented in detail in a report on the activities of Sopharma Group for 2021, part of the Consolidated Statement of the Group.

Core areas of corporate responsibility Strategic Management
Market Employees Environment Society Corporate Citizenship
Transparent corporate governance Zero discrimination regarding the right to work, sex Environmental management systems Contribution to economic development Anticorruption
Guaranteed quality and safety of products and services Guaranteeing the right of association Reducing the environmental imprint Development of the healthcare system Work on SDG 2015
Resistance Employee development: hierarchically and as a qualification and education Responsible use of resources Health Prevention Participation in the development and implementation of international standards related to pharmacy
Ethical competition A decent pay for labor Reducing direct impact Providing affordable and quality treatment Working with partner organizations
Responsible Marketing Ensuring health and safety at work Reducing indirect impacts Investments in education Joint projects of organizations where members of the Group are members
Responsible supply Social benefits for employees Participation in environmental projects Investments in public communications Development of the generics industry in the country
Development of the field of pharmacy Internal communication Training of employees