About the Declaration

The Consolidated non-financial declaration ("the Declaration") describes the commitments that Sopharma Group, as a corporate citizen, fulfills for the shareholders and investors, state and local authorities, consumers, customers and partners, the environment and society. The Group maintains an active dialogue with all of them in defining important decisions and in carrying out its corporate communications at all levels. Group companies monitor and declare the economic, social and environmental footprint that results from their activities. The measures used are in line with the main activity of the companies and are used to reduce the negative and increase the positive impact on their stakeholders.

The declaration complies with the reporting requirements of Art. 48 of the Accounting Law and is a description of the policies and enterprises regarding their activities in the fields of ecology, social affairs, employees, anti-corruption, human rights.

All companies in the Group strive to introduce good practices followed by the parent company "Sopharma" AD.