Sopharma Group makes every effort to ensure equal opportunities in appointment and to comply with the form and substance of the full range of laws relating to fair practices in the work environment and prevention of discrimination.

Discrimination, whether based on race, sex, sex or gender, skin color, beliefs, religion, national origin, nationality, age, disability, genetic information, marital status (including unmarried and civil unions, defined and recognized by applicable law), sexual orientation, culture, pedigree, veteran status, socio-economic status or other legally protected personal characteristics are unacceptable and completely incompatible with the Society’s tradition of providing honest, professional and a decent job. Repressive measures against people who complain of discrimination or harassment are also prohibited.

The main goals of the Group in the implementation of diversity policies are:

  • Attracting, hiring and retaining people with a wide range of professional skills. The diverse abilities of managers and employees open new opportunities for innovative and creative solutions, increase creativity and innovation. This, in turn, would lead to a more effective adaptation to the impact of globalization and technological change. A more diverse workforce can increase a company’s efficiency in achieving its goals. It can lift the spirits of employees, give access to new market segments and increase productivity.
  • Promoting a working atmosphere that embraces ethnocultural diversity and in which differences between people are valued and respected.
  • Solving one of the most important problems for the employer — that of labor shortages, as well as problems related to hiring and retaining highly qualified workers.
  • Improving the Group’s reputation and overall performance to external stakeholders and society.
  • Creating opportunities for disadvantaged groups and building the unity of society.

Sopharma Group strives to achieve the set goals by approving and applying in practice the types of diversity important for the company. Adopting good practices from other companies and institutions, the company’s management wants to make diversity management a functioning part of the Group. The Group strives to inform employees, consumers, customers and investors about the importance of diversity for them and their work, aiming to build their trust and desire for support.

The policy of diversity provides diversity of the members of the governing bodies, which guarantees a reliable system of management and control, and good corporate governance is a key element of the secure and stable operation of Sopharma Group. They meet the high standards applied by the Group in order to achieve its goals and strategies.

The composition of the management bodies of the companies in the Group and the number of persons included in it is consistent with the size, complexity and scope of the Group’s activities and ensures a sufficient level of general expertise.

The members of management bodies of the companies in the Group have extensive professional experience, both theoretical, acquired through education, training and qualifications, and practical, acquired during previous positions. They are persons with good reputation and managerial abilities, with high professional and moral qualities.

The principle of gender equality has been observed, as evidenced by the many women holding senior management positions in the Group. The male-female ratio in most companies in the Group is in favour of women and is dictated by the nature of the production process.

The policy of diversity with regard to governing bodies does not allow for age restrictions.

The companies of the Group have representatives from various minority ethnic groups. The Company also employs disadvantaged people. The aim is to provide young people with opportunities for professional and personal development.

There are no cases of discrimination in the companies of the Group on any grounds.

In Section V of the Rules of Procedure of "Sopharma" AD regulates the rights and protection of employees with regard to any discriminatory actions by the employer.

On the grounds of Ordinance for employment /SG, issue 7/1987, amended and ext. No. 111 of 28.12.2001, amended, SG No. 78 of 30.09.2005, entered into force on 01.10.2005/, Ordinance №8 on determining the jobs suitable for employment of persons with reduced working capacity /SG, issue 52/1987, SG, issue 47/1990/ and Ordinance for amendment and supplement of Ordinance № 8 for determination of the jobs, suitable for employment of persons with reduced working capacity /SG, issue 44/1993/ and according to art. 27 of the Law on Integration of People with Permanent Disabilities, every year an Employment Commission is established in "Sopharma" AD. The Commission shall prepare a list of suitable places and positions for employment of persons with reduced working capacity and with permanent disabilities in accordance with the percentage determined for the branch by the order of art. 315 of the Labor Code and of pregnant and lactating workers. The Commission shall examine the specific employment cases and identify suitable places according to the approved list.