Information Annex 3 to Article 10, paragraph 2, item 4 of Ordinance 2 of LPOS

Structure of the capital of the Company, including securities not admitted to trading on a regulated market in Bulgaria or another Member State, indication of the different classes of shares, the rights and obligations of each class of shares and the portion of the total capital represented by each class

The total number of issuers by "Sopharma" AD as at 31 December 2021 is 134 797,899 with a nominal value of BGN 1 per share. All issued shares are registered, dematerialized, ordinary and indivisible, in accordance with the Articles of Association of the company. All issued shares are of one class. Each share gives the right to one vote in the General Meeting of Shareholders, the right to a dividend and a liquidation share, proportional to the nominal value of the share.

Structure of the capital of "Sopharma" AD as at 31 December 2021:

  • Physical persons: 6 393 — 14 212 430 shares — 10.54%
  • Legal persons: 141 — 120 585 469 shares — 89.46%

The capital of the Company may be increased by a decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders adopted by majority as required by law. In case of capital increase, each Shareholder has the right to acquire shares of the new emission, which correspond to their share in the capital before the increase. A shareholder cannot participate in person or by proxy in voting related to:

  • Claims against them.
  • Taking action or refusal to act, related to the fulfillment of obligations to the Company.
  • Taking of decision under art. 114, par. 1 of LPOS, in case they are an interested party within the meaning of LPOS.

Information regarding the direct and indirect ownership of 5 percent or more of the voting rights at the General Meeting of the Company, including details of the Shareholders, the size of their shareholding and the type of shareholding

Shareholders holding more than 5 percent of the Company’s capital as at 31 December 2021 are as follows:

SHAREHOLDERS Number of shares % of the capital
"Donev Investment Holding" AD, UIC: 831915121, Sofia, 12 Positano Str. 37 559 169 27.86%
"Telecomplect invest" AD, UIC: 201753294, Sofia, 9 Slaveykov Square 27 881 287 20.68%
"Sopharma" AD, UIC: 831902088, Sofia, 16 Iliensko Shose Str. 13 055 000 9.68%
CUPF "Allianz Bulgaria", UIC: 130477720, Sofia, 42 Damian Gruev Str. 7 054 547 5.23%

Information about shareholders with special control rights

The Articles of Association of "Sopharma" AD do not provide special control rights.

Agreements between Shareholders which are known to the Company and which may lead to restrictions on the transfer of shares or voting right.

There are no such agreements.

Significant contracts of the Company that take effect, are amended or terminated due to a change in control of the company in a mandatory tender offer and the effects thereof, except where disclosure of this information may cause serious damage to the company; exemption under the preceding sentence shall not apply in cases where the company is obliged to disclose information under the Law

There are no such contracts.