Recent developments

Industrial activity

The company and its production subsidiaries have eight manufacturing plants in Bulgaria, conforming with EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a factory in the Ukraine, certified by local authorities and recognized in all CIS countries.

The production activities of the Company are realized and developed in the following areas:

  • Substances and preparations based on plant raw materials (phytochemical production);
  • Ready-to-use formulations, incl.:
    • Hard tablets, coated tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules;
    • Galenic — suppositories, drops, syrups, ointments;
    • Parenteral — injection solutions, lyophilic powder for injections.
  • Medical and cosmetic products, incl.:
    • Plasters;
    • Bandages;
    • Sanitary-hygiene products;
    • Herbal cosmetics;
    • Concentrates for hemodialysis;
    • Infusion solutions.


"Sopharma" AD

The Company has more than 200 products in its portfolio: incl. nearly 190 medicinal products and 11 groups of medical devices. Medicinal products mainly include generics and 15 traditional products, 12 of the products are plant-based. The Company’s traditional products (in particular Tabex, Carsil and Tempalgin) make a major share to its export market income, while the company’s generic products are of major importance for domestic sales, Analgin being the leader among these products.

The product portfolio of "Sopharma" AD focuses on the following therapeutic areas: cardiology, gastroenterology, pain management, cough and cold, immunology and dermatology, respiratory tract and asthma, neurology and psychiatry, urology and gynecology, nephrology, surgery, orthopedics and traumatology.

The most significant pharmaceutical products in terms of their contribution to the amount of revenues are:

  • Carsil — traditional plant-based product used to treat gastro-enterology diseases (liver diseases);
  • Tempalgin — traditional analgesic (painkiller);
  • Tabex — traditional plant-based smoking cessation drug;
  • Tribestan — traditional plant-based product that stimulates the functions of the sexual system;
  • Broncholitin — traditional plant-based product used to suppress cough;
  • Analgin — generic analgesic (pain reliever);
  • Nivalin — traditional plant-based product used for diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
  • Methylprednisolon — generic medicine for cases of severe allergies and certain life-threatening conditions;
  • Vitamin C — widely used nutritional supplement;
  • Valeriana — generic non-prescription herbal medicine used to reduce stress;
  • Medical devices — gauzes, compresses and dressings.


"Sopharma Trading" AD

The company is a leading distributor of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics in Bulgaria, with a market share in the pharmaceutical products segment of 22.15% (according to IQVIA). "Sopharma Trading" AD is the exclusive distributor on the Bulgarian market of particular pharmaceutical products of several leading international pharmaceutical and other companies in the field of healthcare such as Amgen, Astra Zeneca, GE Healthcare, Johnson and Johnson, Abbot Diagnostics, Hartmann, Novartis and Novo Nordisk.

The Company has more than 15 000 products (particularly pharmaceutical products, medical equipment and devices, accessories, cosmetics, vitamins and food supplements) in its portfolio, including the brands of "Sopharma" AD, and holds exclusive rights for Bulgaria over brands of strategic partners such as "Aboca", "Colief", "Jamieson", "Planter’s", "Premax", "Skincode", "SVR" Laboratories, "US Pharmacia" and "Wyeth", specialized services (such as software solutions for pharmacies and advice and consulting services) and national logistics services. "Sopharma Trading" AD cooperates with more than 400 partners and over 3 500 clients.